Things To Know About “THYROID” Know Well

Things To Know About "THYROID"

  • Here you are gonna know more bout its deficiency and its overactivities.

1.when it get over “hyper” called hyper thyroidism
You will get given symtoms.
1.increase metabolism
3.weight loss
4.skin problems
5.eye problems
2.when it get inactivated “hypo” called hypothyroidism
You will get given symptoms.
1.weight gain
3.dry scaly skin
4.decrese body metabolism
This all situations can be occurrs due to deficiency of iodine in your body
Source of iodine is fortified salt.
In body there are three main hormons secreated by our thyroid gland.they are triiodothyoxine
They all have different machanism of action. In short if you see calcitonin increse calcium level. Where another glabds called para thyroid decrease calcificium level.
And another two are called T3 and T4.
These are important for our metabolism.
 This was enough.now lets move to disease.
So’ there are some autoimmune disease which are also related to the thyroid gland.( autoimmune disease means antibodies made against your own body tissue) .these are graves disease and hasimoto thyroidism.
In this disease the antibodies like antithyroglobulins;  anti thyroid stimulating hormones; anti thyroid binding immunoglobulins; etc
These together do given organ damage.
These antibody to skin disease made it scaly and dermatitis occur also Mixodeama like oedeama take place.
Ophthalmological effects like led retraction and blurring of vision take place.
  • Related Medicines

1.carbamazine and methamazine
 These are drug prevent oxidation by peroxidase enzyme of iodine at thyroglobulin.
So the given thnigs will take place.
..no iodination of thryoxine
..no coupling so no formation of monoiodothyronin and diaiodothyronin.
  • So basically deplease thyroid level.
  • Also the thyroid gland which is become enlarge will slowly go hypotrophy.
  •  And resolve patients complain.
  • Others options are surgery called thyrecdoctomy and radiological techniques to resolve problem.
  • Cure is possible but permanent cure maybe not in all cases
  • So all ypu need to do is eat enough iodine. Do regular exercise. And make your body Perfect.

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