A Quick Information About Corona Virus

A Quick Information About Corona Virus

  • What is this virus ?

First appearance: Wuhan (one of the central chienese cities)
Virus name: novel coronavirus
Symtoms :
1. dry cough
3.breathing problem
Its quite mild in immuncomponent people. But its becoming severe in immunocompromised or pneumonia patient.
  • Where its confirmed from? 
Its Believed from sea food market from Wuhan.
Panicness for outbreak!!!
From 13 to elder people and people who are diagnosed with cancer or another diseases which makes them immunocompromised.
  • Transmission!
By animal firstly
But now from human beings by droplet of sneezing and coughing
  • Treatment
As it is a virus no any antibiotics are gonna be work. So the drugs like antivirus should be found.
  • No any treatment 
Scientists working on it. Its is scary cause its brand new virud. Killing more than half of those people who are infected
.its has some similarities from the the outbreak takeplace in 2002.
Death rate around 10%.
Prevention :wearing mask. 
 The medical disease name. (SARS)Severe acute respiratory distress syndrom. 

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